The US is still investigating Iran's involvement in the attack on Israel

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Unraveling Iran's Alleged Role in Israel Attack

The Biden administration is still searching for concrete evidence linking Iran directly to the recent attack on Israel, as stated by US officials to CNN on Sunday.

Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that Iran has a history of supporting Hamas, according to officials.

A US official shared, "Iran's involvement is undeniable. They have been offering assistance to Hamas and Hezbollah for an extended period."

Following the attack, senior US officials initially stated it was premature to conclude whether Iran had a direct role in planning and supporting Hamas' actions. "It's too early to say definitively," stated one senior official. Iran, on Monday, denied any involvement.

However, officials are beginning to suggest that Iran's established connections with Hamas likely led to its assistance in training and financing the recent attack.

A Democratic senator, slated to receive a classified briefing on Monday, commented, "Considering Iran's close ties to Hamas and their financial and operational support, it's likely they played a role in this."

As of now, US officials emphasize there is no intelligence confirming a direct link.

During a briefing with House leadership on Sunday evening, acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was asked if there was any evidence of Iran's direct involvement. She responded, "We haven't found that connection yet, but that doesn't mean we won't."

Nuland mentioned that historically, Iran has supplied weapons to Hamas, but US officials are seeking a more specific connection.

A congressional source suggested that given the sophistication of the attack, Iran must have been involved, as Hamas lacks the capability to acquire weapons on this scale. The question remains about the extent of Iran's involvement.

Another significant query concerns how Hamas managed to coordinate and amass people and weaponry for the operation without detection by Middle Eastern and Western intelligence agencies, including the Israelis.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken mentioned, "In this specific case, we have not yet discovered evidence pointing to Iran directing or masterminding this particular attack." He added, "We are closely investigating this matter and will follow the facts."

Iran has stated that it is not behind the Hamas attacks on Israel, emphasizing their unwavering support for Palestine but asserting that they are not directly involved in Palestine's response.

Regarding criticisms that a recent deal, unlocking billions of dollars in Iranian funds, was related to the attack, Blinken was more cautious. He acknowledged that Iran has consistently funded terrorism and groups like Hamas, even with or without sanctions in place.
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