Declining 5-star ratings. Insights from PerfectRec's iPhone 15 Pro study

25.10.2023 posted by Admin

iPhone satisfaction decline. PerfectRec's revealing studies

In May, PerfectRec conducted a study, which included the iPhone 14 lineup, including the 14 Pro. This research revealed a significant decline in the number of 5-star reviews. Now, their most recent study shows a similar decrease for the iPhone 15 Pro.

The latest investigation by PerfectRec involved a massive dataset of 695,000 user-generated Google reviews for the iPhone 15 series. While it's important to acknowledge that some reviews may contain errors or extreme opinions, with such a large sample size, it provides valuable insights into customer sentiment.

During Apple's fiscal Q3 earnings call, they cited a study by 451 Research, which reported a 98% satisfaction rate for the iPhone 14 family. We'll likely learn next month what satisfaction rating Apple will disclose for the iPhone 15 lineup.

As with the previous study in May, the user-generated reviews gathered in this new research present a different perspective. However, it's crucial to note that these reviews are comparing two distinct yet closely related metrics.

Following an 8% decline in the number of 5-star reviews for the iPhone 14 Pro compared to the 13 Pro, the iPhone 15 Pro has now reached a new low with only 72% 5-star reviews, just over a month after its release.

In a departure from the previous year, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus received 5-star ratings in 76% and 74% of reviews, respectively.

When trying to understand the year-over-year decline, PerfectRec's Wally Nowinski suggests that early adopters might have higher expectations.

Nowinski theorizes that there could be a gap between how early adopters perceive a product and how it is received by more typical consumers. Those who purchase an iPhone on its launch day may have higher expectations and be more easily disappointed than those who buy it later in the year.

Nowinski also emphasizes that these ratings could change over time, so we should watch for future studies on the percentage of 5-star reviews for the iPhone 15 devices.

Earlier this month, there was a report indicating that consumers in China were not as enthusiastic about the iPhone 15 as they were about the iPhone 14.

What's your take on this? If you've purchased an iPhone 15, how would you rate it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!
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