An Israeli airstrike destroys a residential area along Jalaa Street in Gaza City

28.10.2023 posted by Admin

Devastation in Gaza. Israeli missiles hit Yarmouk Square

Gaza City witnessed a devastating event as approximately 30 Israeli missiles struck Yarmouk Square, a residential area, leading to the complete destruction of eight occupied apartment buildings.

On a fateful Wednesday afternoon, a colossal dark cloud of smoke and dust engulfed Jalaa Street, drawing the attention of hundreds of Palestinians who rushed to the scene in a desperate attempt to rescue survivors trapped amidst the debris.

Two boys, rescued from the rubble and carried away on a stretcher with arms tightly wrapped around each other, tearfully expressed their gratitude: "Thank you, civil defense! We love you!"

Iyad al-Buzum, the spokesperson for Gaza's interior ministry, reported, "The civil defense and ambulance teams have thus far recovered 120 Palestinian lives lost and approximately 260 injured individuals from the ruins of Yarmouk Square." He added, "Regrettably, we still have 300 individuals unaccounted for, buried beneath the wreckage."

This grim statistic contributes to the growing tally of individuals trapped under the rubble since the initiation of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza on October 7, which now stands at 1,950 people, including 900 children.

Over the past 20 days, the conflict has resulted in the loss of more than 7,028 Palestinian lives, a tragic number that includes 2,913 children and 1,709 women.

Al-Buzum explained that due to the shortage of heavy machinery and fuel, the civil defense teams anticipate it will take about a week to recover those still missing.

Distressingly, it's estimated that approximately 45% of Gaza's housing units, equivalent to 200,000 homes, have either been obliterated or severely damaged, as stated by Palestinian authorities.

Salama Marouf, the head of the government media office in Gaza, informed Al Jazeera that Israel is employing munitions causing extensive destruction to infrastructure. He raised concerns about the use of internationally prohibited explosives, evidenced by the horrific injuries some survivors have sustained.

Marouf emphatically stated, "The occupier's actions in this current aggression are unparalleled in their criminality. Families have been entirely erased from official records, neighborhoods and residential areas with their inhabitants have been leveled, and crucial facilities such as hospitals, places of worship, bakeries, water distribution points, markets, schools, as well as educational and service institutions have been reduced to rubble."

Lynn Hastings, the UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, emphasized that "nowhere is safe in Gaza." She pointed out that when evacuation routes are targeted, when people across the region are trapped in hostilities, and when the basic necessities for survival are scarce, it leaves individuals with unimaginably difficult decisions to make.
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