Alex's Safe Return: Rescued UK Teen's Journey from France

18.12.2023 posted by Admin

British Teen's Return from France

A teenager from the UK, who disappeared six years ago during a vacation in Spain with his mother and grandfather, has been safely brought back to the United Kingdom after being located in France, near Toulouse. The 17-year-old, Alex Batty, was found earlier this week, as confirmed by local authorities in the Haute-Garonne department.

Assistant Chief Constable Matt Boyle from Greater Manchester Police shared the positive news with the media, expressing his satisfaction with Alex's safe return. The young man, who met with a family member and UK police at Toulouse airport, is now on his way home after a prolonged absence.

Alex is anticipated to reunite with his grandmother, Susan Caruana, residing in Oldham, Greater Manchester, who serves as his legal guardian. Caruana, in a statement released through the police, expressed her relief and happiness at Alex's safety and requested privacy for the family during this time.

It was revealed that Alex's grandfather passed away about six months ago, and his mother, who lacks legal parental guardianship, might currently be in Finland, according to Toulouse's deputy prosecutor Antoine Leroy, as reported by Reuters.

The teenager's discovery in France occurred when a local motorist, Fabien Accidini, found him by the roadside. Accidini, a chiropractic student, had been delivering medicines to pharmacies overnight when he encountered Alex. Initially providing a false name, Alex later engaged in a three-hour conversation with Accidini in English and French. During the conversation, Alex disclosed that he had been taken by his mother five years ago in Morocco, lived in Spain thereafter, and spent the last two years in France within a "spiritual community."

Describing his mother as "a bit crazy," Alex's story sheds light on a unique lifestyle choice, as shared by Accidini. The town of Quillan, where Alex was discovered, is said to be home to a community of international nomads who have chosen an unconventional lifestyle, rejecting what is considered a "normal life" by many.
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