Brave mother shields son as bear invades birthday picnic in Mexico

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Mother's heroic stand. Shielding son from bear feast

In Mexico, a brave mother shielded her son from a bear that unexpectedly jumped onto their picnic table, just inches away from him. The bear devoured the delicious tacos and enchiladas that were meant for her son's birthday celebration.

Silvia Macías, a resident of Mexico City, had journeyed to Chipinque Park, located on the outskirts of Monterrey in northern Mexico, to commemorate her son Santiago's 15th birthday. Santiago has Down's syndrome, and it was meant to be a special day for him.

Shortly after they began their meal, an unexpected guest arrived - a bear. This furry intruder wasted no time in devouring french fries, enchiladas, tacos, and salsa. In a video captured by her friend Angela Chapa, you can see Macías sitting calmly, just inches from the bear's mouth, holding Santiago and covering his eyes with her hand. Macías avoided making eye contact with the bear to prevent any potential provocation.

Macías explained, "My main concern was ensuring that Santiago didn't become frightened. He's very afraid of animals, whether it's a cat, a dog, or any other creature."

She continued, "That's why I covered his eyes, so he wouldn't witness the bear and possibly scream or run away. I feared that if he got scared or startled the bear, it might react."

Before this picnic, Macías and Chapa had considered the possibility of encountering a bear in the park, even though such encounters were rare during midday (bears typically appear at dawn or dusk). They had come up with a plan.

Macías recalled, "We decided that we would play a game where we cover Santiago's eyes and act like statues."

And that's precisely what they did. Santiago remained still, despite the bear's close presence. Macías said, "The bear was very close to us; we could hear it growl and eat. The bear's odor was also very strong."

When asked if he was scared, Santiago, who attends a middle school in Mexico City, replied, "Yes, very."

Chapa, who captured the entire incident on video, knew the right way to handle a black bear encounter since she lived in Monterrey. One cardinal rule: never run.

She noticed that the bear had left behind a plate of uneaten enchiladas and carefully moved it far away from them while showing it to the bear. As anticipated, the bear followed the food, and Chapa positioned herself in front of the bear, shielding Macías and her son, allowing them to quietly and slowly retreat.

Eventually, the bear lost interest and went away. Santiago eventually got his birthday tacos replaced, and the ordeal ended on a positive note.

Macías, however, doesn't consider herself a hero. She humbly stated, "I just think I'm a mother who protected her cub."
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