Unprecedented wooden structures unearthed at Kalambo Falls, Zambia

22.09.2023 posted by Admin

Unearthing ingenious platforms and tools at Kalambo falls

A team of scientists has made a groundbreaking discovery, unearthing ancient wooden structures and tools at Kalambo Falls in Zambia. These remarkable findings, dating back over 476,000 years, were recently detailed in the prestigious journal Nature.

The wooden structures and tools, including digging sticks, appear to have been crafted by early humans. They might have served as elevated platforms to keep above waterlogged ground. Remarkably, these structures are unlike anything previously known, significantly altering our perception of early human capabilities.

This discovery sheds light on the resourcefulness of early humans who ingeniously used large tree trunks to construct platforms and employed wooden tools in their daily lives. Larry Barham, the lead researcher from the University of Liverpool, emphasized that these ancient individuals demonstrated intelligence, creativity, and skill in creating something entirely novel.

What makes this finding even more fascinating is that these structures predate the oldest Homo sapiens fossils, posing a mystery about which ancient human species might have been responsible for their creation. Homo sapiens, to which modern humans belong, emerged later in history.

The initial discovery of these wooden structures occurred in 2019. The scientists employed luminescence dating, a method that measures the radioactivity absorbed by rocks over millennia, to determine their age. Unusual wet conditions at Kalambo Falls played a crucial role in preserving these wooden artifacts, as wood typically does not endure over time unless it is waterlogged.

Archaeological breakthroughs like this one significantly contribute to our comprehension of human history, offering insights into early human lifestyles, hunting practices, and even the origins of some of the stones used in constructing monuments like Stonehenge.

It is worth noting that the authors of the paper were unavailable for comment when approached by Insider outside regular business hours.
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