Puka Nacua's performance is already placing him among the top-tier wide receivers.

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Week 3 fantasy football wide receiver rankings

Here's a rewritten version of the article, tailored to be more understandable for a 16-year-old reader while ensuring it's at least 90% unique:

Let's dive into Week 3's rankings and discuss some key questions about wide receivers in Fantasy Football, but in simpler terms. We'll start by talking about the breakout star of 2023:

Is Puka Nacua a Top Pick?

To figure out how good Nacua is, we use some basic stats and guesswork. We look at how his team plays, past records, and how often he gets the ball. Right now, it's easy to say Nacua is one of the top five wide receivers. The Rams, his team, have played the most in the NFL this season, and they pass the ball a lot. Nacua gets the ball a huge 38% of the time when they throw it. Even if we lower that to 30%, he'd still be one of the best wide receivers for Week 3.

Currently, I rank him 14th, which is a big improvement from where he started the season. He's been amazing in the first two games, catching passes all over the field. He's even running with the ball sometimes. I believe he can still be really good even when another top player, Cooper Kupp, is back. It's similar to what Robert Woods has done in the past. To be honest, I might even be underrating him at 14. Nacua's quarterback, Matthew Stafford, really likes throwing to him, and he's breaking records as a rookie. The only worry is that we don't have enough games to be sure yet. It's risky to rank a rookie like Nacua over experienced players like Devonta Smith, A.J. Brown, and Deebo Samuel after just two games. But here's the bottom line: you should definitely put him in your lineup this week, even if you have other good players.

What's Happening with Ja'Marr Chase?

Chase's quarterback, Joe Burrow, hasn't been playing well. That's the main reason. Burrow had a calf injury and missed most of training camp and the preseason, and he hasn't been great, especially on long throws. He hasn't completed any deep throws past 15 yards so far. We don't know if it's because he's rusty or worried about getting hit by defenders, but he's also one of the fastest quarterbacks to throw the ball quickly, which means he's not comfortable in the pocket yet.

Chase isn't just a deep threat like last year; they're trying different plays for him. But it's clear that Burrow's problems with deep throws are affecting Chase. I think Burrow will improve in the long run, but for Week 3, he might not even play because of his calf injury. In that case, Jake Browning might take over. I'm still ranking Chase as a top receiver this week because he's super talented and can make big plays. But it's risky because this offense might not be great until Burrow gets better. There's a real chance of disappointment with both Chase and Higgins.

How Good is Nico Collins?

Collins is having an awesome start to the season. He's caught a lot of passes for a lot of yards and even scored once. He's getting the ball a lot in Houston, and he's among the top players in the NFL when it comes to how far he runs to catch the ball. That's impressive for someone who usually catches deep passes. I don't think he's a top receiver for Fantasy Football just yet because the Texans probably won't throw the ball as much later in the season. But he's definitely someone you should consider as a third-tier receiver. He might have some bad games when he and his quarterback struggle, but he's in an offense that throws a lot, and I think he's a good choice as a second or third receiver on your team.

Will Jahan Dotson Break Out?

We thought Washington's offense would focus on just a few players, but that's not what's happening. So far, nine different players have caught passes from their new quarterback, Sam Howell. They haven't given as much attention as we thought to Dotson or Terry McLaurin, and that's been a problem. Dotson did well with the passes he got last year, but he's not getting as many chances as some other receivers.

Compared to other wide receivers in 2022, Dotson's rate of catching passes was only average. For example, McLaurin did better. It's too early to worry, but it seems like Dotson is struggling to get passes thrown his way, even though he's on the field almost all the time. This was also a problem last year. It's too soon to say Dotson is better than McLaurin.

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