Apple's Vision Pro Unveiled: M2 Powerhouse for Immersive Reality

16.01.2024 posted by Admin

Apple's Vision Pro, M2-Powered Mixed Reality Marvel

The latest tech revelation comes from Apple, as they unveil the Apple Vision Pro, a cutting-edge mixed reality headset. Running on the M2 chip, this device boasts ten GPU cores and eight CPU cores, the same powerhouse found in the top-tier MacBook Air models, as reported by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg on X (formerly Twitter).

Although Apple had previously disclosed that the mixed reality headset would utilize the M2 processor, the specific variant remained a mystery until Gurman's recent post. The M2 chip has already made a mark in the tech scene, featuring in both the 13.6- and 15.3-inch MacBook Air models released in June 2022. Crafted with 5-nanometer technology, the M2 houses an 8-core CPU, akin to its predecessor, the M1, but with the added capability of supporting either eight or ten GPU cores, an upgrade from the M1's seven or eight.

Scheduled for release on February 2 at a price of $3,499, the Vision Pro will, interestingly, be powered by what is now considered a last-generation processor, as Apple has since launched MacBook Pro models with M3 chips.

Functioning as the brain behind the operations, the M2 chip in the Vision Pro takes charge of content processing, runs the visionOS operating system, executes computer vision algorithms, and handles graphical content. However, it doesn't work in isolation. The Vision Pro smartly delegates the processing of data from cameras, sensors, and microphones to a specialized custom-built R1 chip. Apple claims that it can deliver images to the displays in a mere 12 milliseconds, ensuring a nearly lag-free view of the virtual world.

The entry-level Vision Pro boasts 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. While the possibility of models with up to 1TB of storage exists, Apple has not officially confirmed the availability of larger capacities.

In a further update from Gurman on X, it was revealed that Apple enthusiasts can conveniently purchase the Vision Pro online or at retail stores using Apple Card installments. This payment method, known for allowing customers to spread the cost over monthly payments without incurring interest, extends to various Apple products. Pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro are set to commence on Friday, January 19, at 5.00 a.m. PST in the United States.
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