Pixel 8 Pro Camera Preview: PBKreviews Unveils Stunning Samples

07.10.2023 posted by Admin

Pixel 8 Pro Unveiled: Camera Prowess Previewed

Google is just a few days away from shipping out the first batch of Pixel 8 Pro pre-orders. However, PBKreviews, a popular YouTuber, has already given us a glimpse of what this new flagship's cameras are capable of. Whether it's capturing images at 10x or 30x zoom, or shooting videos during the day or night, the Pixel 8 Pro seems ready to impress.

PBKreviews recently shared what seem to be the very first camera samples taken with the Pixel 8 Pro, Google's latest top-of-the-line smartphone. This unveiling happened alongside the Pixel 8, Pixel Watch 2, and upgraded Pixel Buds Pro. The Pixel 8 Pro boasts an impressive camera setup, including a 50 MP primary camera, a 48 MP telephoto lens, a 48 MP ultra-wide-angle shooter, and a 10.5 MP front-facing camera. In simpler terms, it's on par with other top smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

PBKreviews' photos clearly demonstrate the Pixel 8 Pro's photographic prowess. While the YouTuber hasn't directly compared it to other flagship phones yet, many have noticed how well it maintains image quality at 10x digital zoom, even though it only has a 5x telephoto lens. However, there's still some mystery surrounding whether the Pixel 8 Pro uses its telephoto camera for zoomed shots in all lighting situations.

For instance, when taking night shots at 10x and 30x zoom, there's a noticeable pixelation effect, suggesting that the device might be cropping in on its 50 MP primary sensor instead. PBKreviews has also given us a glimpse of the Pixel 8 Pro's video capabilities, which you can check out in the embedded video below. Overall, it appears that the device handles daylight conditions effortlessly but encounters some hiccups when panning in low-light settings. Like many modern smartphones, it is also susceptible to lens flares when exposed to direct light sources, but this is primarily an issue in low-light conditions. For a more detailed look at the Pixel 8 Pro and its differences from its predecessor, you can refer to our launch article.
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