Kody's Quest for Monogamy Unveiled in Latest Sister Wives Episode

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Kody Brown's Quest for Monogamy

In the latest episode of TLC's "Sister Wives," Kody Brown seems to have acknowledged his long-standing desire for a monogamous relationship with his wife, Robyn Brown.

During a scene where his then-estranged wife, Meri Brown, reveals her plan to downsize her Arizona home and spend more time in Utah running her businesses, Kody opens up about feeling uncomfortable when he's around Robyn with the other wives present.

He shares his feelings with the cameras, saying, "It's quite awkward because the only wife I currently have a deep connection with is Robyn. However, we've never had the opportunity to truly express our love for each other or find comfort in our relationship due to the complex dynamics of this plural marriage."

This particular scene appears to have been filmed in early 2022 when Kody and Meri had already been estranged for several years. At the time, Meri had expressed her willingness to rekindle their romance if Kody desired.

Kody was also estranged from his wife, Janelle Brown, who had confirmed their separation in an August 2023 interview with People. Furthermore, his ex-wife Christine Brown had publicly announced their divorce back in November 2021.

In the most recent episode, Kody expresses that even though it seemed like all his other wives had moved on, he and Robyn still couldn't openly display their affection or the depth of their relationship.

He goes on to say, "This environment doesn't feel safe for us," hinting at either Meri's residence or the broader Brown family setting.

Throughout the series, Kody has demonstrated a clear preference for Robyn and has been more affectionate towards her compared to his other wives. In one earlier season, during a confessional interview with all his wives present, Kody revealed that he had gone wedding dress shopping with Robyn, causing upset among his other wives, particularly Christine.

Kody had also kissed Robyn on camera before they were married, which was contrary to their faith's practice of avoiding physical affection until after marriage. This incident occurred when Christine was in labor with their youngest child, Truely Brown.

While Kody expresses his frustration about not being able to openly show affection to Robyn in front of Meri, this boundary has been a long-standing aspect of their family dynamic, as seen on the show. Interestingly, Robyn herself has indicated on a previous episode of "Sister Wives" in season 18 that she prefers polygamy and felt somewhat deceived into becoming Kody's sole romantic wife.
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