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Sex education returns

The British comedy series "Sex Education" is back for another season, and it continues to embrace the freedom of streaming to depict the reality of adolescent sexuality – which is often awkward, ordinary, and simply a part of life. This new season doesn't shy away from showing the physical aspects of sex that aren't usually seen in teen stories, including close-ups of patchy pubic hair, belly rolls, and various male genitalia.

The show, which won the best comedy series award at the International Emmy Awards in 2022, revolves around Otis, the son of a sex therapist, who discovers his own talent for giving intimate advice to his uninformed classmates. Unlike other explicit teen dramas like "Skins" and "Euphoria," "Sex Education" takes a more normalizing and occasionally musical approach to discussing the topic.

In this fourth and final season, Otis and his best friend Eric find themselves at a new school after the closure of Moordale Secondary School. This new school is a different world, where learning is student-led, sustainability is trendy, and gossip is discouraged. Will Otis and Eric fit in? Will Otis start a new sex therapy clinic? And where is Maeve, Otis's love interest?

Two years have passed since Season 3, so let's catch up on what's happened:

Moordale Secondary School faced a sexually transmitted infection outbreak in Season 2 and became known as "Sex School." Despite efforts to change, the school's raucous reputation led to its closure, leaving students to find new schools.

Maeve, Otis's crush and business partner in the sex clinic, received an opportunity to study in the United States, leaving Otis torn about their relationship.

Otis's mother, Jean, experienced a complicated pregnancy but delivered a healthy baby girl. However, a paternity test suggests that Jakob may not be the father, raising questions about their unconventional family.

Eric's relationship with Adam, a closeted bully, had its ups and downs. Despite Eric's infidelity, Adam forgave him, and in the finale, he came out as bisexual to his mother, marking a significant moment in his journey.

The new season promises an even wider range of experiences, with a more diverse student body at the progressive new school. "Sex Education" continues to celebrate the complexities of the body, exploring various aspects of teenage lust and physicality.
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