Foreign Nationals Trapped in Gaza: Humanitarian Crisis Unresolved

16.10.2023 posted by Admin

Gaza Crisis: Foreign Nationals Trapped Amid Israeli Airstrikes

The Israeli Prime Minister's office has reportedly rejected claims of a humanitarian passage for foreign nationals trapped in Gaza amid heavy Israeli airstrikes, including approximately 600 American passport holders and other foreign individuals, at Egypt's Rafah crossing.

A statement from Netanyahu's office, as translated by Google, stated that there is currently no ceasefire or humanitarian assistance offered in exchange for the removal of foreign nationals from Gaza.

U.S. President Joe Biden cautioned against Israel's reoccupation of Gaza in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes," characterizing it as a significant error. He also expressed the view that Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, should be entirely eliminated but emphasized the need for a path towards a Palestinian state.

The White House has steadfastly supported what it describes as Israel's right to self-defense. Israel is now in the midst of a ten-day aerial bombardment campaign on Gaza, where it has enforced a complete blockade, cutting off essential resources such as water, food, and electricity to a population of two million people.

Human rights organizations have criticized this siege for violating humanitarian laws. It was initiated in response to a severe terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7. The conflict's death toll has now climbed to over 1,400 in Israel and nearly 2,700 in Gaza.

Meanwhile, amid the ongoing conflict, the Presidents of Russia and Syria have both called for an end to hostilities.

The United Nations Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA, has announced that its humanitarian operations in Gaza will cease unless new supplies are permitted into the area.

Israel's military has persistently encouraged residents in northern Gaza to relocate to the south, promising to counter Hamas with even greater force. Nevertheless, these evacuation orders have drawn criticism from various humanitarian organizations.
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