Musk's breakthrough AI chatbot on X Platform challenges ChatGPT

05.11.2023 posted by Admin

Elon musk's Innovative AI chatbot on X Premium Plus Platform

"Grok" comes at a monthly cost of $16 on the X Premium Plus platform, but currently, it's available to a limited group of users in the United States.

Elon Musk, alongside his artificial intelligence startup xAI, has introduced "Grok," an AI chatbot claiming to surpass OpenAI's initial ChatGPT in various academic evaluations.

Musk and xAI's objective in creating Grok is to develop AI tools that can support research and innovation, as they explained in a November 5th post on X (formerly Twitter).

They emphasized that Grok holds a "unique and essential advantage" by having real-time access to world knowledge via the X platform. Furthermore, Grok is designed to respond to unconventional and humorous questions, setting it apart from other AI systems.

The engine driving Grok, named Grok-1, outperformed ChatGPT-3.5 in multiple academic tests related to mathematics and coding, according to data shared by xAI. However, it did not surpass OpenAI's most advanced version, GPT-4, in any of these assessments.

Musk and xAI clarified that Grok falls behind only when compared to models with significantly larger training data and computing resources, like GPT-4. This highlights the rapid advancements made by xAI in training Large Language Models (LLMs) efficiently.

Grok will be available to subscribers of X Premium Plus for $16 per month, but it is presently accessible to a limited user base in the United States.

xAI underlined that Grok is still in its early beta stage and is expected to improve rapidly over the coming weeks. The xAI team also expressed their commitment to implementing additional safety measures to prevent malicious use of Grok.

They stressed their belief in the potential of AI to bring significant scientific and economic benefits to society, and their dedication to developing safeguards against any harmful misuse of AI.

xAI launched Grok eight months after Musk founded the company in March.
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