Ohio Child's Tragic Death Sparks Urgent Call for Vaccination

30.12.2023 posted by Admin

Ohio Sees First Child Flu Death

Ohio has registered its first fatality of a child due to the flu in the 2023-2024 flu season, prompting health authorities to strongly recommend that individuals and families receive vaccinations to minimize the risk of additional flu-related deaths.

The latest data from the state health department indicates that Ohio has experienced over 900 hospitalizations linked to influenza, with 134 cases concentrated in Butler, Clark, Champaign, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and Warren counties.

“Now is the opportune moment to get a flu shot,” advised Bruce Vanderhoff, Director of the Ohio Department of Health, in a formal announcement. “As we find ourselves in the peak of flu season, getting vaccinated may serve as a preventative measure against serious illness for you and your loved ones.”

Tragically, a 9-year-old girl from Clermont County succumbed to the flu, as reported by the state health department on Friday.

In the previous flu season of 2022-2023, Ohio documented six pediatric deaths related to the flu, a notable increase from the remarkably low death tolls in the two preceding seasons, which coincided with the height of the COVID pandemic.

Throughout the last three flu seasons, the state consistently reported four to five pediatric deaths linked to the flu.

Flu activity has been on the rise statewide since early December, with the state health department categorizing the level of activity as "high."

Among the counties, Montgomery County reported 70 hospitalizations due to the flu this season, followed by Butler County with 28, Miami County with 12, Warren County with 10, Greene County with eight, Clark County with six, and Champaign County with none.

The flu season commenced on October 1.

The state notes that current flu-related hospitalizations are below the five-year average for this stage of the season.

Health experts emphasize that, in addition to vaccination, effective preventive measures include regular handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer.

Ohioans are also reminded to cover their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing, avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, and stay home when they are unwell.
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