Quarterback rankings 2023. Unveiling the present stars and strugglers

27.09.2023 posted by Admin

2023 quarterback rankings. Present performance insights

Quarterbacks – they're the stars of the show, the ones we can't stop talking about. We argue, we cheer, and we scrutinize their every move because, when it comes down to it, they're the key ingredient in the championship recipe. Sure, it's theoretically possible to win it all without a top-tier quarterback, but history tells us it's a much smoother ride when you have one. So, here we are, keeping a close watch on all 32 starting quarterbacks in the 2023 season.

But who stands at the top of the quarterback hierarchy? And who might be on the brink of a demotion? Every quarterback's performance is influenced by their team's situation, but right now, here's how we'd rank today's signal-callers. These rankings, unlike those made in the offseason, are all about the present moment. We're less concerned with the big picture and more focused on telling the tale of how these quarterbacks have risen or fallen in their current roles.
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