Google unveils Pixel 8 series and Google Watch 2 amidst rising tech buzz

30.09.2023 posted by Admin

Google's Pixel 8. The latest in consumer tech

Consumer technology news has been quite eventful lately, with major announcements from Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Now, it's Google's turn to step into the spotlight, and Google is known for its fashionable late entrances to the consumer electronics scene.

Unlike some companies that try to keep their new products under wraps, Google has embraced the culture of leaks and rumors. In fact, Google has already officially unveiled pictures and specifications of its two flagship devices that will be showcased on October 4th at 10 AM ET.

If you visit the Google Store right now, you'll be greeted with a prominent advertisement for the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Google Watch 2. By clicking through, you can access more photos and additional details. Regarding the Pixel 8, Google has stuck with the design aesthetics introduced with the Pixel 6, but with more rounded corners. The 8 Pro, on the other hand, eliminates the secondary hole in the camera bar.

The landing page also highlights existing software features such as Magic Eraser and Live Translate, which, while not entirely new, still stand out compared to the competition. A glimpse of the Pixel Watch 2 shows little to no apparent design changes, but hints at new health-related features.

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are rumored to sport 6.2- and 6.7-inch displays, respectively, with significantly increased brightness levels, especially the 8 Pro, which could reach an impressive 2,400 nits of brightness, making it more readable in direct sunlight.

One intriguing rumor about the Pixel 8 suggests the addition of a thermometer feature, allowing your phone to measure your temperature. Another potential enhancement is seven years of Android software support. The introduction of the Google Tensor G3 processor also seems highly likely.

However, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro may come with a higher price tag, starting at $699 and $999, respectively, representing a notable $100 price increase. Preorders are expected to start on October 4th, with shipping commencing on the 12th.

As for the Pixel Watch 2, it's anticipated to start at $349, aligning with the price of the first-generation product. Google might even offer it as part of a bundle for those who preorder the Pixel 8 Pro, making it a tempting offer.

Additionally, a video preview hints at a new sensor that many speculate to be electrodermal, a feature seen in Fitbit's Versa watches for stress level monitoring.

There's been little buzz about Home/Nest products lately, suggesting that Google's smart home ambitions may be on hold due to economic challenges and global issues. Regarding Pixel Buds, the only news so far is the possibility of new color options. If there were more significant developments, Google would likely have teased them alongside its other hardware announcements.

In any case, TechCrunch will be covering the Manhattan event on October 4th, providing you with real-time updates as they unfold.
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